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Grottes d'Hercule

Grottes d'Hercule

1. Cap Spartel

2. Beaches

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Cave of Africa

Cave of Africa at Grotte d'Hercule, Morocco

There might not be anything to the story of Tangier being founded by Hercules, but the city symbol is as striking as ever. Coming out here — it is a 20- 30 minute car ride from Tangier — is a fascinating experience, especially after seeing so many postcards with the same motif as the one above. There is no fake to it, it really does look like the map of Africa.

Cave of Africa at Grotte d'Hercule, Morocco


Grottes d'Hercule hotels

Robinson Swimming pool (t. 039 338152) Good value for money

Le Mirage Swimming pool (t. 039 333332) Excellent value for money

Hotels and alternatives
There are 2 nearby hotels, both a bit expensive. For anyone on a budget, the only choice is the campsite, the Achakkar, which is slightly on the pricey side, still only with the most basic functions.

Restaurants and alternatives
The hotels and the campsite have restaurants. Do not expect any bargains. Cheap and very simple in the campsite.

Some activities in and around the hotels.

Change Money
The hotels would normally be able to change cash money. For everything else, you will have to go back to Tangier.

One unnumbered bus leaves from Grand Socco, but there are only infrequent departures. Otherwise you will either negotiate for a taxi, or hitch hike.

There is a small admission fee of about 5 dh to get into the caves.

By Tore Kjeilen