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The gate to Sahara?

Goulimime, Morocco

Goulimime, Morocco

Goulimime, Morocco

Goulimime claims to be different from most other places in Morocco, and calls itself "The Gate to Sahara", probably with adventurous travellers in mind. But Goulimime is not very old, and has nothing of the traditional narrow street style common to Moroccan cities. But the buildings being put up are very nice, especially since they all have a strong red colour, and have nothing of a prefab feeling to it. Goulimime could resemble Marrakech in this respect, but has its own style. And even if this is far south, there are many streets to walk.
As with most other places in southern Morocco, public life is easygoing, and the people I met here, were fantastically friendly. This is a place where you can meet everyone closing up on you, as the friend they claim to be. Even female travellers can open up to advancing strangers.

By Tore Kjeilen