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Foum Zguid

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The last before the dunes

Foum Zguid, Morocco

Foum Zguid, Morocco

Travelling to Foum Zguid is not too much a question of seeing this rather anonymous town, as exploring the landscape in order to get here.
Foum Zguid has a bit that should be explored, before you leave again, either for Tata or for Zagora. There is a palmeraie here, larger than what you will see for a few hundred kilomtres in either western or eastern direction. And then there are the local ksours. But above all, the sheer remoteness of Foum Zguid is an attraction by itself.

Hotels and alternatives
The local cafe has extremely basic rooms, and there is a campsite.

Restaurants and alternatives
Very little. The local cafe will prepare some food, but expect little!

Change Money
Nothing. Do this in Tata or Zagora.

There are three buses per week passing through on the journey between Tata and Zagora.

Do not travel to Foum Zguid with your own vehicle unless it is a Renault 4 or a car with 4X4! The roads are often quite bad, and there is not much traffic out here.

By Tore Kjeilen