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Foum el-Oued

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Riviera of the Sahara

Foum el-Oued of Morocco

Foum el-Oued is the best place to go swimming if you live in Laayoune, and there is a dramatic difference between season and no season, when everything is empty and closed, and there are nobody on the beach except you and some soldiers a couple of hundred meters away.
Foum el-Oued is a nice and relaxed place for swimming, though the waves can be a bit dangerous — but conditions are supervised and flags signal if there are dangers.
The photo below is from the Le Champignon, a very family and children friendly holiday camp, where booking months ahead is highly recommended.

Foum el-Oued

Hotels and alternatives
Most is arranged for bungalow renting, and everything is booked months ahead. The best solution will be camping, or simply staying in Laayoune, which is no more than 25 km away.

Restaurants and alternatives
Simple Moroccan fast food.

Change Money
Change money in Laayoune.

You can catch the bus up on the main road, but that is about 4 km from Foum el-Oued — a very long distance during summer. Shared taxis run the distance in season, outside season, you will have to arrange for a special trip, which can be a bit expensive.

By Tore Kjeilen