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With the old garrison

Erfoud, Morocco

Erfoud, Morocco

Erfoud, Morocco

More than 20 years after the French colonization of Morocco began, the region of Erfoud was put under control, and Morocco was considered pacified. To control the forceful and freedom-loving bedouins of the region, a major military settlement was put up, and this place came to be known as Erfoud.
Erfoud is not a typical tourist destination, but a good number of travellers from all over the world fill the streets almost all through the year. Erfoud can work as a good base for people exploring the Ziz valley, and the dunes out at Merzouga (finally something in Morocco that really fits the image of Sahara!). But the city itself, housing less than 10,000, is a place of hustling, but not more than any traveller making it as far as the Ziz would be able to handle.

Erfoud hotels

Lahmada (t. 055 576980) Excellent value for money
Merzouga (t. 055 576532) Good value for money
Zaouia (t. 068 758768) Excellent value for money

Canne (t. 055 578695) Excellent value for money
Sable d'Or (t. 055 576348) Good value for money

el Farah Zouar (t. 055 576230) Good value for money
Ziz (t. 055 576154) Good value for money

Kasbah Tizimi Swimming pool (t. 055 576179) Good value for money
Tafilalet Swimming pool (t. 055 576535) Good value for money

El-Ati Swimming pool (t. 055 577372) Good value for money
Kasbah Xaluca Maadid Swimming pool (t. 055 578450) Good value for money
Kenzi Belere (t. 055 578190) Good value for money
Salam Swimming pool (t. 055 576665) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Excellent choice between hotels of all categories, and very friendly price levels. It seems to be quite easy to find hotel rooms, even if you should arrive late in Erfoud.

Restaurants and alternatives
No problem with food — there many restaurants, even if these often are in hotel, they are of course open to anyone who can pay for their meals.

Change Money
Erfoud has a couple of banks, as well as hotels that are ready to change money for you.

Could be better. A good choice is to connect to Er-Rachidia and Rissani (25 km south) with taxis, and from Er-Rachidia you easily go wherever you want. Trips to Merzouga (50 km) are arranged from one of the town squares.

By Tore Kjeilen