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1. Men playing cards

2. Overlooking the Ziz river


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Night life of the south

Er-Rachidia, Morocco

Er-Rachidia, Morocco

Er-Rachidia, Morocco

Cold night temperatures in winter time don't stop the men from attending their usual card game every evening.

Er-Rachidia is more of a base, or a stop over, than a destination in itself. Located in the Ziz valley, and north of the Tafilalt valley, and the central town of Erfoud, there are a couple great one-day excursions that can be made while you stay the nights in Er-Rachidia.
Except for the majestic qasr, Er-Rachidia has little to offer tourists coming for sites. But the city is well known for its pleasant atmosphere, and high level of activity in the streets at evenings, when all seem to join the crowd (women are returning home some hours before the men).
The city's best offer for tourists is therefore the people, and getting in contact with locals is easy and almost always highly rewarding. As a foreigner, you will soon find yourself surrounded by genuinely curious and friendly people, but language can be more of a barrier here than in more central parts of Morocco.
The city of Er-Rachidia comes to an unwanted end where the river takes control. It runs almost empty most of the year, but when it gets water it sometimes comes as a flood.

Er-Rachidia, Morocco

Er-Rachidia hotels

Al Ansar (t. 055 573919) Good value for money
Renaissance (t. 055 572633) OK value for money

M'Daghra (t. 055 574047) Good value for money
Meski (t. 055 572065) OK value for money
l'Oasis (t. 055 572519) Good value for money

Errachidia (t. 055 570453) Excellent value for money

Kenzi Rissani Swimming pool (t. 055 572186) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Good on hotels, most are quite basic, but comfort is available for a relatively higher price.

Restaurants and alternatives
Er-Rachidia has both a small collection of normal restaurants as well as stalls serving enticing Moroccan fast food.

Change Money
Er-Rachidia has the best collection of banks in the region, and you should make sure you have enough cash before embarking on one the many exotic trips that start in Er-Rachidia.

Good connections in all four directions of the compass, buses and in some directions taxis, too.

By Tore Kjeilen