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Draa Valley

Draa Valley

1. Impressions


  • Agdz

  • Tamnougalt

  • Zagora

  • Tamegroute

  • Tinfou

  • M'hamid

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    Draa Valley, Morocco

    The Anti-Atlas Mountains have just been passed, and ahead lies the Draa Valley, characteristically framed by the mauve mountains.

    Draa Valley, Morocco

    Berber women return from the early morning gathering and work in the oasis. Dinner preparations are about to commence.

    Draa Valley, Morocco

    The mountains and the river oases are the recurring image of Draa Valley. As you drive, most of the vegetaion lies on your eastern side (along the river) and the houses and ksours are on the western side.

    By Tore Kjeilen