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Capital of the mountains

Demnate, Morocco

It is quite impressive to enter the area around Demnate, considering how arid most of Morocco is. Up here green forests meet the silhuette of white snow-capped mountains.

Demnate, Morocco

Demnate, Morocco

As the last of the valleys opens up, the size of Demnate comes as a surprise. There must be at least 20,000 people living in this place that appears like no more than a mountain village on most road maps.
There is precious little to see in Demnate by itself, but the surrounding landscape is quite a bit fresher and greener than what is usual in Morocco. Right after you pass the oldish gates you enter an area where there are plenty of cafes to choose from, as well as a couple of very basic hotels.
Heading on form Demnate, you have the chance of visiting the impressive Imi'n'Ifri, but unless you have your own transportation, you should expect to use some time arranging for transport as well as reducing the price.

Hotels and alternatives
A few very simple and basic hotels, with OK value.

Restaurants and alternatives
Similar style to the hotels: you eat from basic food stalls. But the quality can be excellent here, at a very, very affordable price.


Change Money
A couple of banks are ready to change your money.

Buses and taxis connect you to some local destinations, or Beni Mellal and Marrakech. For some destinations and times of the day, you should be ready to negociate for renting your own transport and paying accordingly.

By Tore Kjeilen