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Dades Valley

Dades Valley

1. Further up the red valley

2. Between the soft mountains

3. Colourful details

4. At Youl

5. At Oudinar

6. Into 4x4 country


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The red valley

Dades gorge

A kasbah of the former ruling chiefs Glaoui is one of the first major buildings you will pass when entering the valley.

The strength of the colours will never escape your memory, red, green and white. The Dades Gorge has a fairy-tale feeling — just after you leave the rather dull Boumalne du Dades, the mountain closes up on both sides of you, before it opens again and you are in a world where the grass is greener, the soil redder and houses nicer.
Serpentine roads leads you slowly through community after community, villages set apart by dramatic twirls in the mountains, or by the fresh river meandering through the middle. Perhaps there still are blood feuds between the villages, legendary romances across hostile clans, rivalries that fills a life time? Your imagination is fed by the marvelous nature that unfolds while you carefully make sure that you do not drive off the road. But, from what everyone tells you, it is all calm now.

Dades gorge

By Tore Kjeilen