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Cirque Jaffar

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Circle of oaks and cedars

Cirque du Jaffar, Morocco

Cirque du Jaffar, Morocco

The 80 km long trip around a hollow in the mountain is named after the tomb and village of Sidi Jaffar. It is a popular half to full-day excursion beginning and ending in Midelt. The unsurfaced road is in quite good condition and lingers beneath the Ayachi Mountain, the highest part of the eastern High Atlas.
The road leads by a number of sweet villages of yellow adobe houses, where apple growing seems to be the main activity. The most attractive among these is Sidi Amar, which has a nice Wednesday suuq. Oaks and cedars are scattered out in the countryside, and birdlife include crows and hawks.
The area is often part of an excursion to the Ayachi Mountain, at 3,737 metres, which is easy to reach even for the inexperienced.

There is no information on accommodation or restaurants in this region. Midelt is the natural place for any basic services.
Travelling in this region involves using your own vehicle (4WD is not considered necessary) or renting a taxi from Midelt.
For excursions to the southern region, as well as for ascending the Ayachi, arrange for guides and mules in the village of Tattiouine.

Cirque du Jaffar, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen