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1. Some history

2. Outa el-Hammam

3. Where the water comes from

4. The Kasbah

5. Al-Makhzen market

6. The mountains

7. At night

8. Houses near the mountain


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Outa el-Hammam

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco

The main mosque on Outa el-Hammam.

Outa el-Hammam is most definately the centre of all activities in Chefchaouen. It is more a clearing between the houses than a town square. Its main attractions are the Kasbah, the central mosque, the numerous basic cafes and all the people that pass.
In short Outa el-Hammam must be one of the best places for a tourist to relax through the hot hours when the sun is at its warmest. Even though all the cafes are mainly serving tourists none of them have a touristic touch, and they do precious little to accomodate the taste of foreigners.
And that is great! Because that is just what the foreigners really want!!!

By Tore Kjeilen