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Cascades d'Ouzoud

Cascades d'Ouzoud

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Surplus of water

Cascades d'Ouzoud, Morocco

The Cascades d'Ouzoud has become the most famous waterfalls of Morocco, mainly due to its photo-friendliness. The area is quite impressive with a total 100 metre fall. And in summer, it is most refreshing here.
You arrive here by passing through the tiny village of Ouzoud, continue pass the many souvenir stalls, start climbing down the stairs pass the many cafes. Right before starting on the stairs, you will have had your first view over the water falls, and it will look approximately as you see on this picture.
Even at this point, the waterfalls have not come to an end. But what is behind you now, is not impressive at all. This point here, is a cosy area.
Not only does it give the best views of the waterfalls and good opportunities for swimming, it is also a place to rest. There are small boats that can bring you out into the pools, as well as over to the other side. These boats serve little practical use, since it is easy to walk over to the other side. But they are there for the purpose of charm.

Cascades d'Ouzoud, Morocco

Hotels and alternatives
There are only very basic opportunities for spending the night at in Ouzoud. Prices are fair.

Restaurants and alternatives
OK possibilities for eating in Ouzoud, everything is easy and served without style. But it often comes with plenty of charm.

In summer, Cascades d'Ouzoud has plenty of happy visitors, who do not plan to get up early in the morning. Drugs (kif) is, however, widely used to build ambience.

Change Money
Nothing here. Go to Demnate, 100 km south, Beni Mellal 90 km north, or Marrakech 190 km west.

The best way of getting here would be with your own vehicle, or you could rent a taxi for the day in Marrakech or Beni Mellal. Otherwise, you would have to go for a shared taxi from Marrakech to the town Azilal, and then a shared taxi from there to Ouzoud. That is possible, but there are not many taxis running this stretch.
Otherwise you could take a bus first to Beni Mellal, then a bus to Azilal, and then a shared taxi to Ouzoud.
In general, you could say that if you come from Marrakech, you could visit Ouzoud within the day with your own vehicle. If you're lucky you could the same with public transportation, but if you're not you should count on staying there over the night.

By Tore Kjeilen