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Grottes d'Hercule

Grottes d'Hercule

1. Cap Spartel

2. Beaches

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The colourful tip

Cap Spartel, Morocco

Cap Spartel was in ancient times known as the Cape of the Vines. It is presently dominated by a lighthouse, built in 1864 by Sultan Muhammad 3. Its maintenance was drifted by Britain, France, Italy and Spain until Moroccan independence in 1956.
South of the lighthouse lies a fine beach nicknamed Robinson Plage. At its southern ends are the superb Grottes d'Hercule.
The area around Cap Spartel is popular for bird watching, especially with migrations to and from Europe; mainly from late March to early April and then in October. Among those you should have good chances of spotting are black kites, booted eagles and white storks.

No hotels here. You have to check closer to the Grotte d'Hercules, where there are a group of touristic hotels, and a campsite.
There is a café right to the entrance of the lighthouse.
All necessities are solved in Tangier. Local buses run from Tangier out here. Otherwise, your own transportation will save you quite a bit of time.

By Tore Kjeilen