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Boudenib, Morocco

Boudenib, Morocco

The village of Boudenib may at first seem promising with its boulevard-like entry. But about the time the boulevard should transform into an urban centre, Boudenib is all over. And where was it all?
Boudenib may have been laid out for a grand future, but until Sahara becomes lush gardens it is merely a place only providing simple food stores and virtually nothing else. But being 95 empty km west of Er-Rachidia and 200 more km before the modest Bouarfa appreciate whatever is on offer. An almost identical village is 60 km east, Bouanane.

No hotels or restaurants.
Transportation out of here is extremely limited. With a bit of wait you will be able to connect to Er-Rachidia in the west or Bouarfa in the east. Both places offer good connections to further destinations.
At times, travelling out here will bring you just kilometres away from the Algerian border. Be careful about wandering about, ask police for information.

By Tore Kjeilen