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Bouarfa, Morocco

Bouarfa is clearly not a traveller's destination, but being on the route to or from Figuig, it is good to have as a place to stop and stock up. Being a real town, Bouarfa is the only place to get certain products, and its little market may even be worthwhile to pass through.

Bouarfa, Morocco

Bouarfa hotels

Tamlalt (t. 056 798799) OK value for money

Climat du Maroc Swimming pool (t. 056 796382) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Thanks to its remoteness, Bouarfa doesn't come without amenities. In addition to a basic hotels (there are supposedly one or two more than what is listed) there is a well-run 3-star hotel. This is definitely worth the stop compared to continuing onwards to Figuig's poor selection.

Restaurants and alternatives
There is a good restaurant in the Climat du Maroc, although it is reported to take quite some time before food arrives in front of you. Elwafa is perhaps the best alternative. Apart from that, the few cafés will know how to scramble together a simple meal.

Change Money
Nothing we know of. Unless you're heading out to Figuig, you are strongly recommended to fill up you wallet in Oujda, if you're coming from the north, or Er-Rachidia if you're coming from the west.

If anything could be called a transportation hub in the eastern corner of Morocco, Bouarfa is the place. Buses and occasional grand taxis arrive and leave from the bus station. You can only choose between 3 destinations, Er-Rachidia (west), Oujda (north) and Figuig (southeast).

By Tore Kjeilen