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Orange country

Berkane, Morocco

The main reason for coming to Berkane, is to avoid the cramped cities in the northeastern corner of Morocco, and to see how the average city works. My personal experience was in 1997 to be confronted by the local police because I took a photo of the market (the one above). This told me that tourists were rather uncommon here, and since they let me go after a few minutes, I didn't mind the least.
Berkane is a market town, active and fairly well-off. The city was constructed by the French, but standard modern Moroccan houses have taken over control of the city. The main attraction around here are the many orange groves, but should you feel tempted to try day fresh fruits, buy from the many vendors along the main roads — be respectful enough not to profit from the unprotected orange trees.

Berkane, Morocco

Hotels and alternatives
Four OK hotels, all rather basic, and not very expensive.

Restaurants and alternatives
Quite OK, but all you have to choose from are basic food stalls and grill-cafés. The quality of their cooking can sometimes be great, even if there is no form of elegance.


Change Money
According to last report, there is a bank in town doing the normal exchange services.

OK. But grand taxis and buses running in direction of Oujda (southeast) and Nador (northwest).

By Tore Kjeilen