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Azilal, Morocco

From the old kasbah.

Azilal hotels

Dades (t. 023 458245) Good value for money
Souss (t. 023 458114) Good value for money
Tissa (t. 023 458589) Good value for money

Assounfou (t. 023 459220) Good value for money
Tanoute (t. 023 458778) OK value for money

Azilal attracts few visitors by its own merits, but it is so conveniently located for several excursions into the High Atlas that several hotels have been built here. Still, it is a friendly place, and what lacks in architecture is compensated by people and customs.

Several hotels in town, standards are from adequate and down, prices are good.
Quite good on restaurants, some are in the hotels in addition to the normal ones.
Though Azilal is the transport hub for its region, count on several hours of waiting unless you plan well. Travelling into the mountains is mainly done by minibuses or an occasional shared taxi, and departures happen usually in mornings. Because of this, most travellers spend the night in Azilal. Cascades d'Ouzoud is 40 km west, Tabant (Ait Bougmez valley) 70 km south. There are also organized tours into the valley, often arranged by a Marrakech travel agency.
Travelling between Azilal and large centres like Marrakech and Beni Mellal, but also Demnate, is easy and swiftly.
Among the main destinations from Azilal is the beautiful Ait Bougmez (70 km south) valley as well as the Cascades d'Ouzoud (40 km west).

By Tore Kjeilen