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Azemmour, Morocco

Azemmour, Morocco

Azemmour, Morocco

Azemmour, Morocco

Azemmour is a little visited town, not far from El-Jadida. It is nevertheless a nice town, with a living old city in better condition than many other old cities in Morocco. There are some sights around that you should head for: the Kasbah even if much of it is in ruins, the powderhouse, and the former Jewish quarters, of which a synagogue is still infrequently in use.
City walls are always in red in Morocco. Here, around Azemmour, you will find one of the nicest city walls in the country, with small but well-kept gates. But as soon as you enter, the colour red disappears, and white, blue and yellow start to dominate.
Being a foreigner to Azemmour is not a lonely experience, soon there will a group of kids following you around, doing every possible thing to draw your attention to themselves.
At Azemmour, the Oum er-Rbia river meets the ocean. The river is one of Morocco's most important and reliable water carriers, beginning in the Middle Atlas Mountains at the source with the same name, 300 km inland.
Although Azemmour's houses and streets may not fully meet the standards of a tourist destination, the line of houses along the river is among the most picturesque anywhere in the country.

Azemmour hotels

de la Poste (t. 023 357702) OK value for money
la Victoire (t. 023 347157) OK value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Azemmour's two hotels are very basic but decent.

Restaurants and alternatives
Most of the food served in Azemmour is very simple, served in cafes. But it tastes good, is safe to eat, and cheap.

Change Money
There is supposed to be one bank in town, but this could be changed since the last visit to Azemmour (April 1998).

Easy connections to El-Jadida by bus or taxis, but there should also be chances of getting to Casablanca. There is a train station, but this is located far out of town, and you will only be able to get there by hiring transport in Azemmour.

Do not swim in the nearby river, as the currents are reported to be very strong.

By Tore Kjeilen