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1. Lookout with graves

2. Ramparts

3. The babs

4. El-Kamra tower

5. Palais de Raisouli

6. Grand mosque

7. City scenes

8. Wall paintings

9. Frying vegetables

10. Town church

11. The long beach

12. Southern cliffs


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Palais de Raisouli

Asilah, Morocco

Asilah, Morocco

The palace of the Riffian bandit Raisouli was completed in 1909, made possible by forced labour and heavy taxation. So much that it was completed within a year.
Raisoulis main profession was kidnappings for ransoms. So successful was he in this that he became governor over most of northwestern Morocco, since his victims were non-Muslims Raisouli was highly respected (considered jihad). Among those captured were the British writer, Walter Harris. The Harris case proved that Raisouli's talents extended those of the ordinary thug; although Harris was not well treated, the two became long lasting friends. An early example of the Stockholm syndrome?
Or perhaps it was that Harris was so grateful for not receiving the full of Raisouli's rage? Those condemned to death were forced out from the upper windows, a 27 metre drop to the sharp cliffs.
Should you find the palace open, it will appear not as an example of delicate taste. Only too much was good enough for the charming bandit.

By Tore Kjeilen