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Climbing the spur

Aroumd, Morocco

The village of Aroumd, up the Mizane Valley along an unasphalted road, climbs a mountain spur beginning at 1840 metres to create a very nice appearance. It is far from small, large enough to make you consider the word "town" rather than "village". Around the village are steep terraces with orchards edged with purple iris.
Further reading on this region see Toubkal Massif.

Aroumd hotels

Aremd (t. 044 485745) Good value for money
Gite Atlas Toubkal (t. 044 485664) Good value for money
Restaurant Residence Aremd (No phone) Good value for money
Auberge Le Rouge (t. 044 485613) Good value for money

Aroumd has several "hotels", or gites as they are known in the mountains. These simple hotels are often houses that are slightly converted to facilitate several guests. Some of them come with restaurants. There is only one small shop in the village.

By Tore Kjeilen