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Wind surfing

Aourir, Morocco

Aourir is together with its twin village, Tamraght, called 'Banana Village', due to the banana groves right here. While that sounds nice, the village is a sad example of modern meets old resulting in nothing good. Still, the beach is right there and for those looking for clean wide empty sand stretches and good waves. Aourir is one of Morocco's most popular surfing destinations.

Aourir hotels

Littoral (t. 048 314726) Excellent value for money
Mamy Salerno Surf Dynamic Loisir (t. 048 314655) Good value for money
Riad Imourane (t. 048 314335) Excellent value for money

Villa Mandala (t. 048 314773) Good value for money

Aourir's hotels are really cheap, and being this close to Agadir, definitely an option to consider. Eating out here is equally good, the hotels have reliable restaurants and there are very popular road-side restaurants along the highway.
Surfing is popular here, and there is the SurfMarokko (many pages in English version is with German text!) which provides for everything, accommodation, food and equipment.
Travelling between Aourir and Agadir is no problem. Taxis are easy to find both ways. Ask in the hotel what is the correct fare, though!

By Tore Kjeilen