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Tunnels of hope

Aouli, Morocco

Aouli, Morocco

A few years back.

There are no people left now. The good old days of finding and excavating lead and silver belong to the time until the mid-1980's. But the setting is still telling many stories — all amplified by the spooky and lomesome location of today's Aouli.
The remains of the everyday life of the 3000 people living here about 20 years ago is a large number of tunnels, aqueducts, aerial ropeways, the living quarters and houses that climb the walls of the surrounding mountains.

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing. You have to rely on what is found in Midelt, about 30 km of bad road to the west.

Restaurants and alternatives
Nothing. Bring your own food.

You will need your own transport, and it is best if you have a car with 4X4. Otherwise you might be able to negociate somehting in Midelt.

By Tore Kjeilen