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The peak and the agadir

Mountain peak with the agadir in Amtoudi

Mountain peak with the agadir in Amtoudi

Mountain peak with the agadir in Amtoudi

Amtoudi is both a bit off the beaten track for normal tourism in Morocco, and yet one of the most attractive stops on any visit. The reason is very simple: Amtoudi has one of the oldest and best preserved granaries, or agadirs as they are called, in North Africa.
Agadirs no longer serve their purpose, they belong to the times when bandits as well as rival tribes were out for the wealth of others. And nothing could be more valuable than grain, dates and gunpowder in this area where conditions of life are hard and where rain sometimes can fail for the entire season.
The agadir here is 800 years old, and is fantastically well preserved. Getting here is half of the experience, as you will have to either climb the narrow trail along the ridge of the mountains or or hire a donkey or a mule which will to the hard job for you.
The climb up the mountain is slightly scaring for all of us who seldom find ourselves on horseback (or on muleback). With a trail only 20-30 cm wide, and a fall high enough to smash your head, you soon find yourself repeating: "the mule and the owner does this thing every day, so they know what to do".
It isn't really all that bad after a little while, and soon your head stops looking worried down on the ground, and instead starts to behold the impressive agadir that grows right above your head.

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing. The nearest hotel is in Taghjijt, 40 km away. But private camping is possible, and accepted.

Restaurants and alternatives
Very simple cafe near the village where you hire your mule or donkey.

Erratic taxis, or better hitching with a car, but that could leave you waiting for hours. Most travellers coming here already have theiur own transport.
Donkeys or mules for riding up the mountain are easily arranged for. Prices are not fixed. I paid an "horrible" 40 dh for mule and one guard, but I was in a rush.

By Tore Kjeilen