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Ameln Valley

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The 26 villages

Ameln Valley

Ameln Valley

It's like a world of its own. Ameln Valley offers some of the most spectacular nature scenes of Morocco, as well as some of the most beautiful villages. All villages have charm, but some are more worth the detour than the other ones.
The most famous is Tafraoute, and this village is the best base for exploring the area for those with enough time.
The village of Oumesnat is built with the rocks at the foot of the Kest Mountains as the backdrop. The houses of the village are often built on top of older houses that have fallen in. Some of the houses are even held up by stilts, to help them from not tumble down into the valley below.
The village of Anameur's main attraction is its natural springwater pool, set above the village.
If you're not a mountaineer, this region offer the possibility to "climb" a 2359 metre high mountain, the Djebel El-Kest. You start the ascend from the small village Tagoudiche, from where you can walk to the top, without climbing. The surrounding mountain is made up from amethyst quartzite, and right below the summit, you will see an igneous dyke.
The village of Tirnmatmat, the one which is furthest away from Tafraoute, offers numerous rock carvings from thousands of years back in time.

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing, but if you bring a sleeping bag, you will be able to sleep over in Tagoudiche. Otherwise, go back to Tafraoute.

Restaurants and alternatives
Nothing. Bring food, there are few shops in the villages.

Change Money
No banks out here, not even in Tafraoute.

Walk from Tafraoute, if you have enough time. Otherwise, you will have to rent your own taxi on an hour basis. A small trip will be about 15 km, a complete excursion 30 km.

The sun can be terribly strong here all through the year. Bring plenty of water, sun glasses, and perhaps even a hat.

By Tore Kjeilen