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Centre of trilobites

Alnif is a modest place, a green spot in a valley where several Anti-Atlas mountains meet, the Bou Gafer to the northwest, Ougnat to the northeast and the Jissemmour to the southeast.
The region of Alnif is still the main Morocco attraction for a certain type of travellers, those collecting fossils. Morocco is high up on the list in the world actually, famous for its trilobites. Trilobites are ranked as the most famous fossils second only to dinosaurs.
Hunting for trilobites is rewarding but not done without good knowledge or a decent guide. For those with little time to spare, trilobites are sold all over Alnif. Check around for good specimens, there are many examples of forgery as well as inferior pieces glued together.

Alnif, Morocco

Alnif, Morocco

Alnif hotels

Bougafer (t. 044 884289) Good value for money

One hotel slash restaurant in town, very basic but decent.
Trekking the fossil areas is best done with a locally hired guide, expect to pay about 150-200dh for half a day.
Shopping fossils appears to be best done after you have checked out quality and prices at Ihmadi Trilobites Centre.
Moving away from Alnif is best done with your own transportation. There are minibuses moving to Rissani, 100 km east and towards Tizzarine, 65 km southwest, or Tinerhir 85 km northwest.

By Tore Kjeilen