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1. Oasis of Aït Antar

2. Oasis of Tagadirt

3. Oasis of Taourirt

4. Oasis of Aït Rahal

5. The pools near the spring

6. The crumbling kasbah

7. The imposing Agadir Azro


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A world of oases

Akka itself is not exiting. The town centre is no more than the tiny administrative heart of the real Akka - the oases lying to the north. Akka is full of red houses, and people in simple and traditional garment.

Town market in Akka, Morocco

Town market in Akka, Morocco

Akka, Morocco

But if you start walking to the north of Akka, you will enter upon several oasis communities, tiny villages with little from modern life styles, like At Antar, Tagadirt, Taourirt and At Rahal. Right before you will have to return to Akka again, you will come to the beautiful pools near the spring that feeds the entire Akka society. Upon your return, the traditional military structures are quite impressive, both the kasbah and the agadir.

By Tore Kjeilen