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Only the cafés

Akhfenir, Morocco

With the increased importance of the southern Moroccan areas (occupied Western Sahara), lorry drivers and normal passengers have seen the absolute need for a stop between Tan Tan and Tarfaya.
Hence, Akhfenir has now grown into a small town with nothing but basic restaurants and cafés along the road. A stop here is compulsory, as the main dish is fish directly from the sea. Prices are inviting and the food is delicious.

As an important truck-drivers stop, Akhfenir has excellent restaurants and few basic places to sleep. Eating your dinner in Akhfenir is a great idea, and you will be able to enjoy fresh and delicate fish, or good meat dinner if you prefer that.
You are not recommended to spend the night here, nor to stop here without your own transportation. Getting a seat in one of the trucks or jumping on a bus passing through, could involve quite a bit of waiting.

By Tore Kjeilen