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Ain Leuh

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Village of the zone d'insÚcuritÚ

Ain Leuh attracts quite a few visitors during its July Berber music festival. The village itself has a few nice quarters, as well as being located nicely in between forests. Ain Leuh belongs to what was deemed insecure zone during the French period, so little happened here to change traditional lifestyles and the face of the village. Since independence, many standard Morocccan houses have been built all over the village.
It is the main centre of Beni M'Guild tribes, who stage a Wednesday suuq here.

Ain Leuh, Morocco

Ain Leuh, Morocco

To our knowledge there are no ordinary forms of accommodation or restaurants here. The nearest options are in Azrou 33 km north. Travelling back and forth is done by own vehicle, or rented taxi from Azrou. A trip to Ain Leuh will naturally include Oum er-Rbia with its cascades and springs.
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By Tore Kjeilen