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Ain Beni Mathar

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As almost everything else on the journey between Oujda and Bouarfa, there's nothing that attracts tourists to come to a visit to Ain Beni Mathar. But the little centre is a nice collection of cafes, that might be just the kind of thing you need when travelling this long road, which can be demanding, especialy if you do it by car in summer time.

Ain Beni Mathar, Morocco

My travelling companions and myself quite agreed upon that we had felt just we were movie stars, while walking around the town. Young boys followed us around, motivated by nothing but friendly curiosity, so we felt perfectly safe.

Ain Beni Mathar, Morocco

Moroccan fast food as good as ever!

No hotels in town, so spend the night in Oujda 80 km north. Food is available from cafe restaurants, but it adds up to no more than a simple lunch.
Getting to and from Ain Beni Mathar is quite simple, and should you want to travel out to the cascades in the west, transport could be arranged in town. Just ask around, private arrangements are not uncommon.

By Tore Kjeilen