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About Editors

An Editor with LookLex is a partner to the author, and responsible for the continous quality of published material. The Editor is editing only specific articles, not a field, although there may be cases where the totality of the articles owned by one editor complete a specific field.
An editor is not a one-time editor, in cases where there may be new elements relevant to an article, there will be an ongoing cooperation between the editor and the author.
An editor's main task to oversee that articles follow the guidelines of published articles to LookLex, that an article is correclty sized, that it gets good illustrations and that it is hyperlinked to other articles within LookLex correctly.
An Editor receives 10% of the ad revenue from each article.
An author can obtain Editor status for his or her own articles, following a period of writing several articles that demand no action from the Editor.
Editors to articles that are written by authors that obtain Editor status, will not lose their editor ownership to the early articles. In some cases, editor status can be transferred to the author. This will happen only after the Editor's opinions have been heard, that it is recommended by the LookLex Board and accepted by LookLex Ltd.
The 10% ad revenue for the editor will be added to the author's revenue in these cases.
Still, we do not recommend authors to strive for editor privileges for their own articles. The dynamics between author and editor should be considered an important tool into creating better quality articles. And better articles eventually gets more readers, so the benefit of taking the Editor's share of the ad revenue
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