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About Authors

In LookLex everything is based upon and starts with what an author does. Authors make the content, and with that also the general structure of the presentation.
We expect an author to be a competent independent writer, one who gathers information and shapes it into an interesting article. Templates for the article structures will be provided; for most such templates will make the writing process much easier. An author must be able to write professionally according to the LookLex standard. Until the article is finished, the author is on his or her own.
In the early stages of the LookLex Project, we will, however, give special attention to the first authors and coach them through the process.
In order to become an author for LookLex, an application for acceptance must be submitted. Education and background information is vital, but LookLex is not elitist; if self-trained specialists write better than world famous professors, the first is preferred.
You become an official LookLex author when your first article(s) are accepted and published. When all is up and running, the publication process is so defined that completed articles are submitted from an author to a designated editor. LookLex will designate such an editor; if there are no such available, the editing will be provided by LookLex directly.
The editor is the last stop before publishing. Cooperation between author and editor is necessary to prepare articles for publication according to the LookLex concern for quality. Editor and author negotiate when rewriting is necessary. Once an editor accepts an article, it will (except in cases of exception) be published immediately.
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