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Tombs of the sharifs

Zuwayla is a town of importance for Islamic history. Here 7 of Muhammad's original followers are told to have died in a defence of the town once in the 7th century BC. Along with this, Zuwayla has an area of Islamic ruins, which are presently being excavated. But still, most of the ruins remain unearthed.
Zuwayla is an oasis living off agriculture and some thousand date palms.

Zuweyla, Libya

Eat and Sleep
Zuwayla has no hotels or restaurants, and camping is the only option of those advernturers coming out here.

Shared taxis that run between Zuwayla and Sabha. You can also jump off in Murzuq.

Going Next
250 km east: Waw Namus
300 km northwest: Sabha
150 km west: Murzuq

By Tore Kjeilen