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1. Visas and passports

2. Getting there

3. Points of Arrival

4. Eat and sleep

5. Costs

6. Climate

7. Safety

8. Health

9. Communications

10. Shopping

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Getting there

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To and from TUNISIA

There is really only one border crossing between Tunisia and Libya, the one at the coast, and the most common way of transport, is bus. There are no trains, but many people do the trip in cars.

To and from ALGERIA

The border point, deep south in Libya, is presently closed for overland traffic, at least for tourists. As this is really far away, and only served by good roads on the Libyan side, this would have been an option only for the toughest of travellers.

To and from NIGER

Crossing overland to Niger can be done, even if connections don't suggest this. Passage must be arranged through one of the country's tourist agencies. Travellers choosing this route, should take precautions for the Tuareg rebellion. Getting from Niger to Libya is apparently not possible, as you will not be given permits to go through northern Niger.

To and from CHAD

Crossing overland to Chad can be done, even if this is an uncommon route. Passage must be arranged through one of the country's tourist agencies. Conditions between the two countries should be fair enough now, after the last Libyan troops left the territory they occupied in northern Chad for some years.

To and from SUDAN

There are lorries doing the trip between the two countries, but this takes time. And try to make sure your papers are OK, before setting off.

To and from EGYPT

Provided you have a visa, crossing the one border point to Libya, north at Sallum, should be easy, but prepare for a long wait. This journey is done either by bus, or by car. The exit fee payable to Egyptian officials is not more than US$0,50.

To and from MALTA

Erratic and extremely expensive ferries run between Malta and Libya. It seems to be much cheaper fares when tickets are picked up in Malta, compared to Libya.


The international embargo on all air traffic on Libya, was lifted a few years ago. Best connections from other Middle Eastern and North African nations, but even some European ones. London is the best place to pass through for most travellers from other continents.

By Tore Kjeilen