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1. Visas and passports

2. Getting there

3. Points of Arrival

4. Eat and sleep

5. Costs

6. Climate

7. Safety

8. Health

9. Communications

10. Shopping

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Short facts

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Libya has 5.5 million inhabitants, and there are 95% Sunni Muslims, 3% Khariji Muslims, and 2% belonging to other religions. The surface area is 1,760,000 kmē, most of which is semi-desert and desert. Arabic is the official language, but there are regions where Berber languages are spoken. Italian and English is understood by a considerable part of the population. The leader of the state is Mu'ammaru Gadhafi.
Libya is not as conservative as its repuations goes. The ban on alcohol is true, and should be rigorously respected. You may still, being invited to a private home, be offered alcohol. In such a case, accepting is safe.
The Libyan woman is less liberated than the Tunisian, but more than the Egyptian.
Discussing politics with Libyan locals is not terribly dangerous, but prepare for a different view upon the world than you meet elsewhere. Still, Libyans are less hostile to Westerners than Muslims in general.

By Tore Kjeilen