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Waw Namus

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Moon landscape

Waw Namus, Libya

Few destinations of Libya demand more travelling than Waw Namus, but when you get here you are practically in the very centre of Sahara. And when you are in the centre of Sahara what would be better to come across than a crater lake? It is quite a drive south into pure desert from the village of Waw Kabir, before ascending the mountain of Waw Namus, which is an extinct volcano. The landscape you eventually find looks almost like on the moon.

Waw Namus, Libya

Eat and Sleep
You bet! Nothing, nada, ingenting!! Bring your own food and a sleeping bag, because this journey you will not be able to make back and forth in one day.

4WD, which must be rented, or which is part of an organised trip, is the only possible way of doing this journey. There is to our knowledge no public transportation to and from Waw Kabir.

Going Next
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By Tore Kjeilen