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First resort from Tripoli

Tajura very much came about in the 16th century, while Tripoli was under European occupation. The local elite established themselves here for some 40 years. And never forgot about it.
Tajura has ever since served as the easiest get-away for the inhabitants of Tripoli. Apart from its 16th century mosque with a large square minaret, all that Tajura is about is on and around the beaches.

Tajura, Libya

The remains of a church in Tajura.

Eat and Sleep
Tajura has a couple of tourist villages, that, according to reports, are not terribly well-run. During summer, these are fully booked.

Good connections with buses and shared taxis, mainly in to Tripoli. From there you connect to all destinations of Libya.

Going Next
30 km west: Tripoli
90 km east: Leptis Magna
170 km southeast: Misrata

By Tore Kjeilen