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1. The stunning theatre

2. Theatre details

3. Forum

4. Temples and basilicas

5. Mausoleum of Bes

6. Museums

7. Amphitheatre

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Sabratha, Libya

Sabratha, Libya

There two museums next to the ancient ruins at Sabratha. The finest is clearly the Roman Museum, containing objects found in tombs at Sabratha, mosaics and statues. Most noteworthy is the bust of the god, Jupiter (top photo).
The other museum, the Punic Museum, is far less interesting for most visitors. However, could you enjoy the fact that the Punic artifacts are far less easy to find, and throw in that Punic culture to a large extent equals Carthaginian culture, then perhaps, you will enjoy this museum at least as much as the Roman Museum. The most interesting exhibits here relate to the Mausoleum of Bes, showing fragments that were left out when reconstructing the mausoleum, as well as a figure of the god, Bes, himself. The Punic Museum is often closed.

Sabratha, Libya

By Tore Kjeilen