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1. The stunning theatre

2. Theatre details

3. Forum

4. Temples and basilicas

5. Mausoleum of Bes

6. Museums

7. Amphitheatre

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Sabratha, Libya

Of some reason or the other, Forums of ancient Roman cities, survive worse than many other important buildings. Sabratha's Forum is no exception.
It can be hard to make out its real purpose and original appearance. There were several temples here, as well as public buildings.
Today, you will be able to easily distinguish the base, but above this, only a few columns still stand. The statue of Flavius Tullus is noteworthy, standing next to his fountain. It is, however, possible that the statue is of his son, Caius, at least this is what is claimed on the engraved base.

Sabratha, Libya

By Tore Kjeilen