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Leptis Magna

Leptis Magna

1. Arch of Septimus Severus

2. The Theatre

3. Hadrianic Baths

4. Via Trionfale

5. Market

6. Severan Basilica

7. The Old Forum

8. Amphitheatre; Circus

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There are no hotels or restaurants near Leptis Magna, and most visitors make the sites as a one day trip. Al Khums, a 3 kilometres to the west, has a handful of hotels.
Bus or taxi between Al Khums and Leptis Magna.
Do not buy or steal any artefacts, as Libyan authorities are careful about destruciton of their ancient sites.

Going Next
80 km southeast: Misrata
120 km west: Tripolis
3 km west: Al Khums

By Tore Kjeilen