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Slick Libyan weekend resort

Janzur, Libya

Janzur is a get-away for people in Tripolis, and is to some extent also a possible resort for casual visitors. Janzur has a nice beach, a slightly sterile tourist village, which at times has a friendly and open atmosphere thanks to the high number of Libyans coming out here, especially in the weekends. The sight of Janzur, the 200 year old mosque, is alone not worth the detour.
Facilities here cover the more modern needs of people, sailing, tennis, cenima, shops, and children's play rooms. All in all, Janzur makes sense as a place to get away from bustling big town.

Janzur, Libya

Eat and Sleep
Tourist villages. A bit expensive, a bit difficult to get a room. There is a rumour saying that only families are allowed into the tourist village. Food is a bit of a problem, it appears that most Libyan families cater for themselves.

There are many buses between Janzur and Tripoli, but this is the most crowded 5 km of main road in the entire Libya.

Going Next
5 km east: Tripoli

By Tore Kjeilen