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Trogolodytes now abandoned

Gharyan, Libya

There are only a few sparse areas in Northern Africa that offers the kind of architecture that is guaranteed to fascinate virtually anybody, the troglodytes, dwellings dug vertically down into the ground. In the Nafusa Mountains, Gharyan, has some of the best examples, but unfortunately for the visitors, prosperity has made the inhabitants leave them for modern houses with air conditioning.
A large part of the troglodytes have been left to themselves, and the only inhabitants here now are animals. There are a couple of the troglodytes that really present the true and impressive living conditions people managed to create just some decades ago. Still Gharyan is quite a bit behind Matmata of Tunisia in the qualities it offers.

Gharyan, Libya

Eat and Sleep
One first class hotel, that really understands how to cater for visitors interested in Gharyan's past. It is terribly expensive for any budget traveller, though. Another hotel is adequate and cheap. Even cheaper come the hostel and the camping ground. Gharyan has a couple of good restaurants.

Buses and taxis connect Gharyan to Tripoli. Connections beyond this are with buses coming from Tripoli.

Going Next
100 km north: Tripoli
75 km southwest: Yefren

By Tore Kjeilen