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1. Gigantic Forum

2. Statues of Demeter, Kore and Nike

3. Temple of Apollo

4. Theatre

5. Temple of Zeus

6. Roman baths

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Roman baths

Cyrene, Libya

Cyrene, Libya

The Roman baths, also known as Trajan's Baths, were built late in the 1st century CE.
The baths lie inside what was the sanctuary of Apollo, using water from the Fountain of Apollo, which also was central to the Temple of Apollo. Much of the structure is in exceptional condition, and inside the Grand Hall, the water pipes are still very much visible.
Two statues from the baths are in museums far away. In the National Museum in Rome, Italy, there is a stunning statue of Venus found after a violent storm in 1913. In the Jamahiriya Museum in Tripoli there is a statue of the Three Graces.

By Tore Kjeilen