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1. Gigantic Forum

2. Statues of Demeter, Kore and Nike

3. Temple of Apollo

4. Theatre

5. Temple of Zeus

6. Roman baths

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Temple of Apollo

Cyrene, Libya

Cyrene, Libya

The Temple of Apollo is not visually stunning unless you climb up the hill behind it. The temple was built as early as 7th century BCE, but rebuilt after the 365 BCE earthquake. A second rebuilding came about after the Jewish rebellion in 115 CE.
About 50 metres from the temple, the Fountain of Apollo is situated, of which the water was considered curing. Inside it one can still see the seats for patients coming here for treatment.
A statue from the temple, depicting Apollo playing the lyre, is exhibited in British Museum, London, UK.
Easy to locate, take a stop at the sacred fountain, or nymphaeum, in front of the temple, which is protected by two white lion statues.

By Tore Kjeilen