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1. Gigantic Forum

2. Statues of Demeter, Kore and Nike

3. Temple of Apollo

4. Theatre

5. Temple of Zeus

6. Roman baths

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Gigantic Forum

Cyrene, Libya

Remains of the temple to the left. It is believed to have been dedicated to Julius Caesar.

Cyrene, Libya

This was first built by the Greeks, or rather King Ptolemy 8 of Egypt, as a gymnasium in the 2nd century BCE. The Romans converted it into a forum in the 1st century CE.
Its size is 96 by 85 metres, and since it is stripped of the main adornments, it feels even larger.
A forum of a Roman city served mainly as a meeting place for political meetings. The buildings to the north were law courts. Also to the forum there was a civil basilica and in the very middle, a temple.

By Tore Kjeilen