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The friendly river promenade

Zagazig will never see mass-tourism, at least not until its only main attraction, Bubastis has been put together. It is a place where people work and live. But unappealing it is not. The river walk is long and at points quite beautiful, especially in the afternoons when the low sun creates long shadows.

Zagazig, Egypt

Another thing are the Zagazigians, who rarely see foreigners, and cannot help say "Hello", "Welcome" or the most common "What's your name". But they are sweet, and to me they seemed to be really concerned that the odd foreign visitor should leave with the best image of their city in mind. And if you ever wondered what a bag of chips, a bottle of water, a sandwich of kofta or a microbus ride really cost, come to Zagazig!

Zagazig, Egypt
Zagazig, Egypt

There are two hotels in town, with standards below what most Western visitors will feel comfortable with. But they are fine concerning safety and price.
Zagazig has no posh restaurants, but there are enough small take-aways or fastfood-like places to keep your stomach happy. Prices are simply rediculous (that means low).
Zagazig has 4 ways of getting there or getting out; train, bus, microbus and shared taxi. It is easy to find the connection you need, just ask anyone you meet, they will either know or ask somebody for you. 2nd class train ticket to/from Cairo costs EŁ8 while the bus is EŁ5 (late 2004 prices).

By Tore Kjeilen