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White Desert

White Desert

1. Mushrooms

2. White and gold


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Cream landscape

White Desert, Egypt

About 45 km north of Farafra, the White Desert begins. It is truly white, in clear contrast with the yellow desert elsewhere. At night, and many of the organized trips out here include overnight stay out in the desert, it gets a character reminding of an Arctic landscape.

White Desert, Egypt

The rock formations of the desert are often quite dramatic, and you should not miss out on the weird rock balancing on top of a white pillar (see picture above).

White Desert, Egypt

Eat and Sleep
There are no sorts of settlements or amenities in the desert. Your chances of eating here and spending the night is however big — many who come out here do so as part of a guided tour which includes a night under the open sky, as well as food.

Trips into the desert is arranged from either Bahariyya or Farafra. If you are going to both oases, then Farafra latter is the better choice, as it reduces the trip from about 400 km to 100 km. Or, even better, you agree to end the trip in the opposite oasis.
Buses pass through the area, and it is not uncommon that travellers jump off the bus to explore the White Desert alone. Getting out of the desert is generally no big trouble if you have plenty of time to wait for someone with a free seat in their car or bus.

Going Next
45 km south: Farafra
45 km north: Crystal Mountain
55 km northeast: Agabat
100 km northeast: Black Desert
150 km north: Bahariyya

By Tore Kjeilen