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Wadi Seboua

Wadi Seboua

1. Temple of Dakka

2. Temple of Maharraqa


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Temple of Ramses 2

Wadi Seboua, Egypt

Photos: Rita Willaert

Wadi Seboua, Egypt

This is a temple built by the command of Ramses 2.
The rear part of the temple was originally cut from rock, while the front section was freestanding.
There are remains of statues of Ramses 2 himself in the open court fronting the temple area.
The temple was converted into a church, and the walls were plastered over. Parts of this has fallen off now, so look out for the place where you can see Ramses 2 making offerings to St. Peter.
This temple is another that has been relocated, but originally it stood only 4 km away. The move was done between 1961 and 1965.
Admission into the area, including all three temples, is EŁ30.
Wadi Seboua, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen