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Tuna el-Gebel

Tuna el-Gebel

1. Catacombs

2. Tomb of Petosiris

3. Tomb of Isadora


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Necropolis of Khmun

Tuna el-Gebel, Egypt

Tuna el-Gebel, Egypt

Tuna el-Gebel, Egypt

Tuna el-Gebel, as it is known now, was the necropolis of Khmun (Hermopolis) for several centuries. The distance between the city and the necropolis is 5 km.
The urban history for this region goes back at least to the middle of the 2nd millennium BCE, and would last a couple of centuries into the Common Era. The oldest monument found evidence that. It is made up of six stelae which indicated the boundary between Hermopolis and Akhetaten (Tell el-Amarna), the ancient capital of Akhenaten.
Few people make it out here. This part of Egypt offers few amenities for travellers, even if Minya (65 km north) has one of Egypt's best 3 star hotel deals. Getting out here involves hiring a taxi for the day and being accompanied by a police officer.
The good thing is that you will have the place to yourself, but most visitors to Egypt will have problem putting Tuna el-Gebel's attractions into a historical framework. The sights here are not part of the golden ages of Egypt, and do not give light to important historical events or personalities.
What makes Tuna el-Gebel interesting are the catacombs, which are rare in Egypt (see Alexandria), and one of few in situ mummies. Look also out for the interesting stylistic shift from Egyptian to Greek imagery and clothing in the Tomb of Petosiris.

By Tore Kjeilen