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Tell el-Amarna

Tell el-Amarna

1. Tomb of Huya

2. Tomb of Mery-Re 1

3. Tomb of Ahmose

4. Great Temple of Aten

5. Southern tomb of Ay

6. The city


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Tomb of Huya

Tomb of Huya, Tell el-Amarna, Egypt

Tomb of Huya, Tell el-Amarna, Egypt

Huya was the Superintendent of the Royal Harem and Steward of Queen Tiy, mother of Akhenaten. His tomb is noted for the life-size statue of the deceased which still stands.
The mummy of Huya was found in the deep shaft which now is open and can be looked down into.
Most of the wall decorations show Akhenaten and his mother, it is really just at one place that Huya appears. It is on the right wall, where he is decorated by Akhenaten.
Tomb of Huya, Tell el-Amarna, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen