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Luxurious holidays

Taba, Egypt

Taba, Egypt

Taba, Egypt

Taba, Egypt

For Taba, right on the border to Israel, great plans of development exist. It is the smaller of the resort triplets together with Eilat of Israel and Aqaba of Jordan.
Internationl tension, however, has delayed everything, and Taba appears as a strange place, perhaps being the only place in all of Egypt with only luxury hotels. Staying the night here for less than 150 for a single room, appears impossible.
Taba by itself is not much to talk about considering what awaits further down the coast line. The beach is small and ordinary, the village so small that it hardly can be called a village. The mountainous backdrop is nice, but not as nice as in resorts futher down the Gulf of Aqaba.

Eat and Sleep
As mentioned, there are only a handful of luxury hotels. They are very good, and provides exactly the service and quality you would expect at this level.

Taba's hotels offer what you expect of sea sports, but we have little information on excursions.

Taba is on the route between the resorts of the Gulf of Aqaba and Cairo, meaning that there are two buses in each direction.

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By Tore Kjeilen